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    Applied in thousands of projects in more than a hundred countries all over the world, the HYPERDESMO® System has set the standard in liquid applied waterproofing for more than 35 years under the certification of EOTA, achieving a CE mark for an expected working life of 25 years. Today, HYPERDESMO®’s superior quality, exceptional performance and ever-growing market presence have led to another milestone in its journey, the BBA Certification. Catering to the needs and standards of the UK market, the HYPERDESMO® System has now obtained the certification of the British Board of Agrément No.18/5567   HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM BBA ACCREDITED WATERPROOFING LEADERSHIP  
    ALCHIMICA introduces a single component liquid applied polyurethane/polyurea waterproofing membrane that receives an ETAG 033 CE mark for bridge decks.   HYPERDESMO®-300 has been specially designed, based on the long standing and successful technology of HYPERDESMO® System, to comply with the new requirements of ETAG 033 EU protocol for “Liquid applied Bridge Deck waterproofing kits”. It is a single component liquid applied polyurethane/polyurea waterproofing membrane  certified according to ETAG 033 that holds a CE Mark assuming an intended working life of 25 years. HYPERDESMO®-300 displays excellent elongation and crack bridging properties at a wide range of extremely high or low temperatures.It has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties and can withstand petrochemicals and salts that commonly attack bridge decks. Its thixotropic behavior allows for application on sloped and even vertical substrates, and assures complete seamless and homogenous covering of uneven concrete surfaces usually encountered on bridge decks. HYPERDESMO®-300 is recommended for both new and existing bridge waterproofing applications. No special machinery is required for professional applications. Designed to resist a shock temperature of 220°C, HYPERDESMO®-300 has exceptional compatibility with asphalt overlays without requiring an adhesion layer. Due to its high tensile and tear strength, it is able to withstand traffic stresses of heavy asphalt application machinery.   Available in roller and spray grade Consumption +/- 2.5 kg/m2 Total coat thickness +/- 2.0 mm   ​Clich here to see product's details
  • Alchimica laboratory
    To meet its increasing R&D needs, ALCHIMICA renovated its advanced technology laboratory in Egaleo (Athens, Greece), which now expands on a surface of 300 square meters.
  • Waterproofing with Hyperdesmo in only one coat? Now possible with Hyperdesmo-HAA  (Humidity Activated Accelerator) - Κεντρική Εικόνα
    The Hyperdesmo Series of one component liquid applied polyurethane membranes have been used all over the world with great success over the last 30 years. We at Alchimica are always looking for ways to simplify the application of all our products so we considered why not try to do this with our best seller? In general Hyperdesmo is a very user friendly material. It is a one component liquid applied Polyurethane which in itself is the epitome of easy application. So are there any difficulties when applying Hyperdesmo? We identified two points where application of Hyperdesmo may prove a bit challenging: 1.The 1,2 mm minimum thickness recommended has to be applied in more than one coat or else bubble formation occurs. This can be a problem when labor costs play a significant role in securing a project. Secondly, weather may prohibit the application of the second coat the next day and therefore questions may arise concerning the interlayer adhesion or even worse, residual moisture on first layer will result in substantial bubbling. 2.The curing speed of Hyperdesmo is affected by the climate. In low temperatures and/or low humidity conditions, the curing of Hyperdesmo is delayed and in extreme northern climates the application is limited to a few months per year. Can these limitations be solved without changing the end performance of Hyperdesmo? The answer is yes! By using the new product of the Hyperdesmo family, Hyperdesmo HAA! HYPERDESMO®-HAA is a unique single component polyurethane liquid membrane, based on the successful combination of the traditional, well established, Hyperdesmo and Accelerator 3000 which throughout the years has provided applicators with a solution for a fast curing, bubble free thick layer membrane. Our commitment to R&D and investment and our efforts to continuously upgrade our Chemical processing plant has allowed us to formulate a Hyperdesmo® with the Accelerator 3000 incorporated in a blocked fashion, that upon contact with humidity is released and self- accelerates the curing of the material in a similar manner as the Accelerator 3000. Due to its unique formulation, it cures rapidly to form a completely defect free membrane with excellent mechanical and elastomeric properties, as well as excellent adhesion to different surfaces. This product is ideal for use during the winter months or in climates with relatively low humidity. Furthermore, the fact that the minimum consumption can now be achieved in only one coat, reduces labor cost and eliminates previous drawbacks of the Hyperdesmo® + Accelerator system such as short working time or problems associated with using Hyperdesmo on its own in multilayer coats adhesion failure.  



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