External Thermal Insulation

Upgrade your building’s energy efficiency!

The HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM, is a complete external wall insulation system, certified according to EAD 040083-00-0404 as it consists of ALCHIMICA’s high quality and performance guaranteed products that can be applied fast, efficiently and with ease. The system has been developed and tested to provide long-lasting performance, elasticity, and the reduction of thermal losses for energy efficient buildings. It upgrades the building energy efficiency by ensuring saving in terms of energy consumption for cooling and heating.

The system application achieves ultimate thermal insulation by shielding the building from any environmental conditions while it contributes to the architectural reshaping and aesthetical upgrade of new and old buildings.


Easy application with advanced reliable products.  The system can be applied fast and easy in stages:

1) We insulate the external building’s facades with high performance thermal insulation boards, in order to achieve the best insulation through heat control.

2) Then, using special adhesive, follows the installation of fiberglass mesh on the boards, to create the appropriate shielding.

3) We apply the finishing coat of HYGROSMART® - TH PLASTER or the polyurethane HYGROSMART® - PU PLASTER which it is based on the HYPERDESMO® technology. Both provide additional protection, while they upgrade the building’s aesthetics by renewing the facades.

System's Benefits

The application of the system offers reduction in energy consumption and the quick return of investment. Additionally, the internal building environment is improved, by creating the appropriate conditions of comfort and well-being. 

                    HYGROSMART COLOR COLLECTION System's Leaflet  


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