Repair Products / Adhesives

ALCHIMICA offers a wide range of repair products and adhesives providing solutions in various application areas and substrates such as: reinforcement and repair of concrete, bonding of cement mortars, repair of old and new concrete and metal structures, repair of coatings and masonry, blockwork and plasters as well as plasters creation, hardening the surface of industrial flooring, welding of thermal insulation boards and tiles but also solutions for welding industrial, wooden floors and metal panels.

Our range includes products for:

1) Strengthening, reinforcement and repairing of concrete:

Single or two component low viscosity epoxy resins, thixotropic epoxy pastes with outstanding bonding capabilities.
Polymer-modified cementitious mortars, suitable for application on reinforcement steel bars against corrosion.
One component fiber-reinforced waterproofing mortar for waterproofing basement walls and tanks.
A high technology, one component powder with remarkable abilities to stop leaks even for water under pressure, ideal in applications of negative pressure such as water tanks and tunnels.

2) Surface Hardeners for industrial flooring

High strength self-leveling cement-based floor mortars with quartz aggregates.

3) Coating and masonry repair products

Cement-based mortars, for stuccoing surfaces before painting.
Fiber reinforced cement-based mortars
High quality cement-based tile adhesives.

4) Construction Adhesives

Solvent free, two component, semi -rigid, polyurethane adhesives and one component solvent-less, moisture curing polyurethane adhesives.


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