Our flooring solutions

With more than 35 years of experience in the building industry, ALCHIMICA Building Chemicals offers polyurethane, cementitious and epoxy based flooring systems for specific requirements giving ideal solutions with excellent chemical, abrasion and slip resistance, designed to resist high mechanical stresses. 

Our systems and products are designed, developed and tested to achieve the maximum protection and durability while adhering the highest standards and requirements for industrial and commercial flooring.

Our flooring solutions expand to different indoor and outdoor applications.

Industrial Flooring:

Our industrial flooring systems span from seamless rigid floors with excellent abrasion resistance, ideal for heavy traffic industrial floors to elastic seamless crack-free systems ideal for flooring applications in hospitals as well as food and chemical industries.

Indoor Car parks:

We offer seamless polyurethane flooring systems that can be applied in private or commercial indoor car parks. Indoor car parks require coatings that withstand high mechanical stresses caused by traffic and offer high abrasion and slip resistance properties in the parking spots and ramps. Our innovative products offer the ultimate durability and create useful colorful indicators for practicality.

Decorative Flooring:

Our polyurethane and epoxy decorative flooring systems achieve the upgrade of interiors by providing solutions of high aesthetics and durability, allowing for creativity in interior design. They can be applied to commercial or industrial buildings in unlimited colors, in combination with colored flakes or designs of matte and granite effects.

Fitness & exercise flooring:

Designed for intensive use and developed for the best experience in challenging training conditions our systems offer a strong, safe and comfortable training ground with the ultimate durability and resistance to impact stresses. In addition, our polyurethane resin for flooring, RUBBER BINDER-M20 can be applied along with EPDM or recycled rubber granules in playgrounds, tennis or basketball courts, running tracks and outdoor recreation areas.


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