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Let's work together for safety and a sustainable future. Let’s training.

New regulation on the use of diisocyanate compounds. What is Reach?

Say hello to REACH, the "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation," which has been at the forefront of improving the protection of human health and the environment from potential risks of chemical substances since its adoption in 2006. This essential European regulation not only ensures safety but also maintains the EU chemical industry's competitiveness worldwide. 

Unveiling the New REACH Regulations: Strengthening Safety Measures 

The European Union has implemented new safety measures to further enhance the protection of everyone involved. Products containing more than 0.1% of monomeric diisocyanates now fall under these regulations. This includes widely used items like polyurethane adhesives, sealants, and foams, commonly found in industrial production and construction. 

Effective from August 24, 2023, comprehensive training is mandatory for all professionals and industrial users before they can handle these products. As for DIY enthusiasts, you can breathe a sigh of relief as these rules don't apply to you. 

Polyurethanes: The Guarantee of Safety Today and Tomorrow 

Safety is our utmost priority when dealing with chemicals such as adhesives and sealants. We take every precaution by strictly adhering to material safety data sheets. Our one-component polyurethane adhesives and sealants cure by reacting with atmospheric moisture, creating a remarkable cross-linking of pre-polymers through their isocyanate groups. The result? An exceptional polyurethane polymer compound with unique properties! During application, there may be minimal exposure to unreacted monomeric diisocyanates used in the production process. Rest assured, once our product is fully cured, these diisocyanates have completed their reaction, leaving behind compounds completely free of reactive chemicals. 

Training for a Safer Tomorrow: Your Path to Expertise 

Safety is non-negotiable, and we are dedicated to providing you with the essential knowledge. The web-based training platform offers valuable sections that will guide you to the appropriate training for specific products and applications.

Access the training platform and equip yourself with the expertise to handle diisocyanates responsibly, contributing to the safety of the chemical industry. 

Let's work together for safety and a sustainable future. Let’s training:



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